Books and Papers


A Reason for Hope (See Audio/Video page for accompanying audio commentary to each chapter)

Making Divine Simplicity Simple: Rediscovering Who and What God Is

Reconsidering Divine Simplicity


Divine Simplicity in Scholastic Thought

An Exegesis of Rom 5:12-21

Grounding the Kalam

Grounding the Kalam (PowerPoint Presentation)

Historical Roots of the Modern House Church Movement

Hodges’ “Promise Only” Gospel in Light of John 9:35-41

Jephthah’s Syncretism: An Analysis of Judges 11:29-40

Hermeneutical Implications of the New Testament’s Use of Three Messianic Psalms

Reconsidering the Evangelical Reformulation of the Doctrine of Immutability

The Resurrection in John

Sanctification and the Law in Galatians and Romans

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